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1. It's all in Your Head CD ONLY
2. It's All In Your Head - book and CD set
3. Health Crisis in the Church
4. Dr. Wallach's law Of Photosynthetic Disruption
5. Doc's Cook Book

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1. The Best of Dead Doctors Don't Lie
2. Dead Doctors Don't Lie I
4. Dead Doctors Don't Lie W/CD
Dead Doctors Don't Lie W/CD (BK002)

Dead Doctors Don't Lie W/CD

Any bulk order of 10 or more DOES NOT includes the CD's.

The Alternative Health "Tell-All" That Makes Doctors Cringe!
Skyrocketing health-care costs today are forcing people to take another look at conventional treatment and know how they can eliminate a major portion of costly medical expenses.

  • Autobiography of Dr Wallach
  • Learn how to prevent and reverse 412 diseases with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and herbs.
  • A 400-page expansion of that highly popular tape. It reveals facts that are opposite from what the medical community has led you to believe.
  • Don't wait for twenty years of expensive "double blind" studies to learn how to rescue your health.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the importance of having ninety essential nutrients and sixty essential minerals and how they affect your body and health.

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